• We will work with you and structure the lessons to your needs so to help you reach your potential.

  • No matter if driving range, golf simulator or golf course. We will teach you at the best venues in a location convenient for you.

Trial lessons are currently full.
If you like to take regular lessons, please contact me via phone.
(To take regular lessons, we charge admission fee of 6,000 yen.)
Thank you.

Golf Lesson in Tokyo by a US LPGA Class A Certified Professional

(English/Japanese available).

All levels of golfers are welcome!

Hiroko Vanderhoof, the 1st Japanese to receive a USLPGA teaching license.

Are you looking for golf lessons but not sure if golf is the sport for you?

Are you looking for golf lessons but want a trial before committing to the full lesson package?
Here is a solution tailored for you!
Take a Trial lesson from golf instructor Hiroko Vanderhoof, the 1st Japanese to receive a USLPGA teaching license.

You can experience her teaching style to determine for yourself if she is the right person to improve your golf game.
Click here For lessons by American PGA class A instructor Jeff Vanderhoof.


“Create efficient swing based on your physical capability. “

That is Hiroko’s lesson motto.
Golf lessons start with a consultation to find out about your health condition, such as past/current injuries, and your physical flexibility.
Video is used at each lesson so that you can see your swing before and after the lesson.

Lessons are not only for the improvement of your swing, but also to strengthen your mental game, short-game, including bunker shots, and your course management.
There is a short game practice area with the real grass built next to the range, so you can work on your short-game as if you are at the golf course.

After the lesson, a “Practice Guide of the Lesson” with be sent via E-mail, so that you have a clear understanding of what to work on until the next lesson. At home drills and exercises are also provided.

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2 lessons for the price of 1 Trial Lesson

Why 2 lessons?

If you are only looking to see the instructor’s personality and how the lesson will be given, one trial lesson will be enough.

However what you worked on during the lesson is new and takes time for the body to get used to, and the feeling is easily forgotten. After the 1st lesson, I will give a drill which will help you to get used to the new habit, along with a picture for visual reference.
Therefore at the 2nd trial lesson, I want to make sure that what you worked on is being built into your swing properly. That is why I think that two lessons are needed for solid improvement, to make your effort bear fruit.



Hiroko’s Lesson feature

Consultation at the initial lesson to understand your history of golf and your request.
Fully-customized Lesson program designed for your needs.

Ideal lesson circumstance to strengthen your short game skill, as there is a bunker, 40 yard real grass short game facility, and a putting green.
Enjoy Hiroko’s Golf Lessons in English/Japanese in Tokyo!


Swing analysis by USLPGA Swing method based on sports-science.

Self-Evaluation sheet prior to the initial lesson to sort your past and current golf experience.

Golf flexibility test at the initial lesson in order to create proper swing based on your physical capability.

Split screen video analysis to diagnose your swing precisely, and to show you the change in your swing after the lesson as compared to before the lesson.

Clear goal of what to work on by yourself via a “practice guide” sent by E-mail after each lesson.

Keep detailed lesson planner for each student to provide continuity to the lesson.

Lesson Procedure

Send in the form and let us know possible dates to take your lessons.

After the date is decided, we will send you detailed information about depositing the money into our account.
We will also send you a question sheet to fill out your past and current golf symptoms.

★The 1st trial lesson day★
We will go over your past and current golf, and will check your golf flexibility.

We will video tape your swing and an instructor will analyze your swing.
After discussing our goal, we will start our actual lesson.
We will provide drill and exercise to understand a new movement of the swing.

After the 1st trial lesson, we will decide the date for the 2nd trial lesson.

US LPGA A級ティーチングプロが教える東京吉祥寺・三鷹のゴルフレッスン(体験レッスン)

★2nd trial lesson day★
We videotape your swing and analyze the movement we worked on, and strengthen your swing to get rid of your old habit.

If you are interested in continuing lesssons, we will provide short- and long-term goal to improve your golf at the and of the lesson.

At the facility, there is a 40 yard approach and bunker area.If you are interested in improving your short game, please feel free to let us know.

Lesson Information

Lesson Facility

Ito golf Garden Practice Range (Tokyo, Mitaka-citiy)

  • Free parking, 2 story driving range with 57 hitting boxes
  • 40yard short-game area, bunker, and putting facilities are available next to the range.
Lesson Fee

Trial lessons are full for the remainder of the year.
They will again be available from Jan. 2024.
Thank you.

2 for 1 Trial Lesson fee ¥17,000
※ Price includes two lessons, initial assessment and video analysis. (1st lesson 60 min, 2nd lesson 60 min, total 120 min.) Please pay the fee for range balls at the range.
※ Validity is one month after you apply.
※ Payment is non-refundable and lessons are non-transferable.

Regular lesson fees

Admission fee; ¥ 6,000
1 lesson for¥11,200
3 lesson package for¥32,400
10 lesson package for ¥102,000

Payment method

Please deposit the lesson fee into the bank within 7 business days from the date you made reservation.

Once the payment is made, there will be no refund, however you can change the date with a 24hour notice before your reservation.

Bank information details will be given after lesson the date is decided.

What to bring

【For beginners】
If you do not have golf clubs, there are rental clubs provided free of charge.

Clothing should be something comfortable enough to do sports activities. Tennis or Jogging shoes are recommended, please no heals.

【For experienced golfers】

It is beneficial for you to bring your own clubs so that your swing will be natural, and so that the instructor can see if they fit you adequately or not.

Recommended clubs to bring
・Fairway woods or hybrid which you use most for the second shot on par 5 holes.

・one short and one middle iron
・Wedge which you use most often 20~60yards from the green.

If you would like to bring other clubs, please feel free to do so.

  • ゴルフ自己分析のコツが分かる!無料5日間メール講座


(「グリーン近くからカップにボールをもっとよせたい。」男性K様 (ゴルフ歴13年・平均スコア82))

レッスンリクエスト ・「キャリー後のランがバラ...

(「アプローチが苦手」体験レッスン後、ベストスコア更新 (ゴルフ歴10ヶ月・男性M様))

レッスンリクエスト ゴルフ歴10ヶ月のM様のお...

(「ドライバーの飛距離を出したい。」ジュニアゴルファー I君(13歳))

レッスンリクエスト ・「ドライバーの飛距離をも...


レッスンリクエスト ・「ドライバーでスコアを崩...



「なぜ」「どうして」「どうしたら」の疑問に、スポーツ科学に基づいたUS LPGAメソッドで丁寧に分析、一人ひとりの体の可動域を元に改善指導を致します。お申込みは、お問合せフォーム又はお電話でどうぞ。